THIS IS MY FIRST TIME. WRITING..DEAN AND CAS. AND I DON’T WRITE OFTEN. SO UM. Sorry if they’re terribly out of character fjdskl.


There’s a loud splash off to his left, followed by the slamming, grating sound of metal banging against metal, water lapping at the glass where it doesn’t quite reach all the way full at the top, but he can feel the vibrations rippling through it, jarring compared to the constant hum that’s been present since he woke up in the see-through box. He considers ignoring it, whatever’s just been dumped on the other side of the glass separating the two tanks, but there’s a tingling clawing its way up his spine that has his side fans flaring, slowly. Something watching him. Intently.

The sharp, piercing, scratching noise is what makes his head snap up, green eyes meeting an almost back-lit unbelievable blue. 

'You!' he hisses through their sudden connection, piercing through whatever wall the bright-fin may have had in place, darting up to uncoil from his place against the far side wall of his transparent cage, baring his teeth at the new addition to his prison. 

The bright-fin’s fans all flare just the same, his clawed fingers scratching at the glass separating their enclosures as he shifts into an immediately defensive position, baring his teeth. He’s about to launch himself at the enemy, wall be damned, until realization dawns on him and instead he smirks, sharp teeth showing as their brief connection floods with his dark amusement. 

'You poor fool, looks like you're in the same situation as me.'

The bright-fin leans back away from the wall slightly, his expression going steely.

’..What do you mean?’ It’s reluctant, but it feels like a small victory anyway. 'Where are we?'

'Nowhere good.' He sweeps his arms out in a mock grand gesture, indicating their identical imprisonment and the room of odd shapes and glinting squares on the other side of the glass. 'The world of the two-fins. You'll probably die here.'

The bright-fin’s fans flatten somewhat, aggressively, blue eyes darting around to examine his surroundings a little better before they return to green.

’..If I’m dying here, chances are you will too.’

He hisses, tail lashing suddenly against the floor and propelling him quickly forward, hands landing on the glass near the bright-fin’s with a resounding thud, water sloshing with the sudden movement against the crossed metal up above the cage. 

'The only bright side to this is that we're in separate cages, so I won’t get the chance to kill you quick. You’ll die. Slow. And if I’m lucky I’ll be here to see it.’

The bright-fin leans his head back from the glass slightly, face twisting momentarily and fans flaring briefly before he seems to steel himself once again. He’s pushing his rage and dark satisfaction through the link and only getting an eerie silence in return, the bright-fin’s not giving him the pleasure of his discomfort or despair, but that’s fine, he’ll take what he can get. It’s not even that he really wants to see a slow painful death, he’s seen enough of that to last him the rest of his days, what with the war they’d both been dragged from. The only thing that satisfies him is that he won’t be the only one to die, at least one of his enemies will be going down with him. At least it’ll be even.


The sudden question confuses him, shakes him from his grim thoughts, and he eases his posture enough to meet the bright-fin at eye level, quirking a suspicious eyebrow at the enemy.

”Why’ what?’

'Why should we die here? We could try to escape. Both of us'

His expression goes incredulous, fans flaring again briefly with the emotion before he laughs, form hunching a bit with the motion.

'Why would you help me or I help you?' he straightens back up, looking his enemy in the eye, ’We’re enemies, nothing more, nothing less.’

The bright-fin seems to consider that for a moment, glancing to the side briefly before his eyes return to the fang-fin.

'Maybe. But we have a common enemy, and we have a common goal. I would rather die on the battlefield than in here like some caged pet.'

He practically spits it through the makeshift connection, sharp teeth showing in a brief growl before he returns his attention to the fang-fin, staring intensely through the glass.

’..What’s your name?’

He surprises both of them with the question, the bright-fin raising up a bit but not easing his defensive posture. He seems to be almost as long as himself.

'Castiel. ..Your's?'

’..Dean. I’m Dean.’

Dean straightens out his own posture, the end of his tail flicking slightly to keep him steady. Their hands are almost in the same spot on the glass.

'Hello, Dean. Shall we get started?'

Castiel turns his head slightly to look out at the room they’re trapped in. Dean follows his determined gaze, seeing the two-fins now standing on the other side of the glass, staring at them with various expressions, awe, wonder, learning. 

A smirk alights his face and he glances back to the bright-fin- no, Castiel, sharp teeth glinting just that bit from the overhead suns.

'Whenever you're ready.'

The two-fins won’t even know what hit them.